Behold the Volcanoes

Art rock?

Ginn Berschelli and Redvers Debter a.k.a. Behold the Volcanoes are not easily pigeonholed. 

Musically, the avant-garde leanings are grafted out of left-field jams onto a sound clash of musical styles and influences. They combine somehow - and at times unconventionally - in products that are still very much ‘songs’.

BTV meld experimental and conventional musical influences with a two voice vocal delivery. One that combines the lyrical and poetic on the one hand with tongue–in-cheek black humour on the other. 

Debter’s one part abstract, one part Jungle-esque, one part proto-punk drumming, enhanced by percussion underpins Berschelli’s roaming guitar work. The Classical guitar sits alongside both acoustic and electric instrumentation. There’s feedback and free-jazz noise workouts a la The Velvet Underground as well as rhythmic and arpeggiated riffs. Berschelli’s bass and occasional piano add some further dimensions to the sound as does, notably, Debter’s use of turntables and found sounds. 

Their forthcoming EP demonstrates something of BTV’s inherent variety. Opening with feedback-soaked garage rocker ‘NYC’, the EP also features ‘Machine Stops’, a turntable laden futuristic dystopia that samples Shakespeare, the Spanish tinged jungle-psychedelia of ‘Exhume the Romantics’ and ranging dynamics of ‘Lie Low and Wear Rubber’ - heady ruminations on illness and thunderstorms.

Behold the Volcanoes’ first EP is set for release on Landspeed Records later this year. You can hear one of the tracks 'NYC' here: